Victoria’s Adventures

Welcome to my story Everyone!

I am Victoria and I’ll be your host, coach and friend throughout this journey. This a personal blog about my life-lessons learned and experiences that Im going to reference throughout my story. Hopefully this advice will be helpful for you along your own journey by learning from my mistakes. My goal is to be a life coach and friend for anyone who wants or needs it!

I’m a Midwest Kansas girl living on the East Coast in South Carolina. When Im not spreading wisdom Im going to tell you the differences or similarities in culture, food, people, the cities, and events between the two states I call ‘home.’

Occasionally I will give personal reviews on a number of topics and products for affiliate programs.

I am currently working as a Social Media Manager for small businesses of Kansas and South Carolina. I am accepting applications from small business owners. If you, or someone you know, needs help from an expert due to no time or knowledge in advertising and managing multiple social media platforms, please contact me! My Social Media company is currently taking applications for potential future clients. Please, Comment to request an application.

Welcome to the Victoria Adventures!