How does your Inner Voice talk to you?

How does you Inner Voice talk to you? Is your inner voice encouraging, supportive and positive? If not, please keep reading!

We spend more time talking to ourselves than everyone we’ve spoken too in our lives combined. Shouldnt your inner voice be your best friend? Yes, makes sense to me. For example; If you have a best friend or family member who is hurting and in need of support, a true friend would drop everything to help comfort and support this person. If you’re someone who’d do this for a best friend or family member, then shouldnt your inner voice say the same to you during difficult times and need of support? Think about it. How our inner voice talks to us, effects our daily life and socializing skills. Our inner voice also determines if we have a good day or a bad day.

If you dont have any friends or family willing to drop everything to come comfort and support you, youre not where your supposed to be and need to seriously reevaluate your choice in friends and people you surround yourself with. Im serious and being honest, people are meant to work together and help eachother. Ive always been that true friend and family member. My heart is kind, caring and full of love to share. I am a personal Life Coach, please let me help you change how your inner voice talks to you. 

I have a PDF coming soon with statements and how to use the information to change how your inner voice speaks to you. I’ll be giving an announcement regarding the availability of my PDF for you soon! If you are interetested in a copy of my PDF please subscribe and/or comment below. 

Tell me how your inner voice talks do you. I’d love to see your thoughts on this subject! Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Stay tuned for “The Inner Voice” PDF coming soon!


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