STOP this, for Happiness!

  • Stop believing that you can never change
  • Stop avoiding getting help when you need it 
  • Stop assuming self work is a waste of time 
  • Stop using passive-aggressive behaviors to manipulate others
  • Stop self sabotaging behaviors that give you an excuse not to succeed
  • Stop comparing self worth to your appearance 
  • Stop hanging on to a victim mentality 
  • Stop pointing blame at others without taking personal responsibility 
  • Stop allowing your life to get cluttered and disorganized
  • Stop treating yourself disrespectfully
  • Stop treating your parents disrespectfully
  • Stop assuming you know whats best for other people
  • Stop avoiding a difficult conversation 
  • Stop gossip 
  • Stop letting fear rule you
  • Stop procrastinating on important matters
  • Stop trying to control other people 
  • Stop taking out your inner pain on others
  • Stop avoiding your inner pain and the root cause of it
  • Stop pretending its really ok to be overweight
  • Stop putting others and yourself down
  • Stop neglecting your physical health
  • Stop feeling guilty and shame
  • Stop taking your partner for granted 
  • Stop letting someone else define you
  • Stop assuming you can’t or won’t make it
  • Stop making excuses 
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Stop putting things and objects over people and experiences 
  • Stop harmful self critical thinking
  • Stop people pleasing
  • Stop taking things personally 
  • Stop regretting your past 
  • Stop overindulging on food, alcohol and drugs
  • Stop spending money on what you want and save for what you need

    Thank you for your time. I hope you take this in and truly think about what your habits are. You’re the only one that can control you! Be strong and remember you are not alone. Comment your thoughts. Id love to hear from you.



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