My jack russell terrier is 6 years old. I got her as a birthday gift from an abusive ex when I lived in Tulsa Oklahoma in 2010. At that time I was in college from 8am to 1pm and worked full time as an assistant manager at Forever 21 from 3pm to 3am. I spent the time from 3am to 8am doing homework, studying, and spending time with Kiwi. I did this for 8 months until I finished my classes, Kiwi helped keep me awake during the short time I had to rest between work and college. Once I finished, I was hired out of externship for an 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday position in a clinic in Oklahoma. This made me so thrilled because I was able to work the one job and it meant I had more time with my Kiwi!

I realize now how lonely she must have been while I was away for so long during those days. Once that abusive relationship ended, soon after I graduated, I was able to give Kiwi all my attention. Im always happy to spend more time with my sweet girl. 

Shes very protective of her mommy and her property. Shes now the alpha dog in my small pack of three. She’s as crazy as any jack russell terrier is.

Here are some Pictures of ‘puppy Kiwi’ and ‘Adult Kiwi’ I also included some photos of Kiwi/me selfies throughout our life together. I’m a proud owner of a jack russell terrier who lives up to the breeds expectations. 

Photo above: Puppy Kiwi, 2010. After having Kiwi for a few days, we were in love. ❤ 

Photo above: 201o Puppy Kiwi Eyes ❤

Photo above: 2011 early spring Kiwi and I were enjoying a good day together.

Photo above: Meet the grandpuppy! My dad trying to fit the puppy in his pocket. She did fit up to her hips, she didnt mind. Smiles for days. 

Photo above: Kiwis first trip to the Vet. Look how tiny she is on the tile! 

Photo above: 2010 Puppy Kiwi’s first in a bag experience. Did not last long though! 

Photo above: Puppy Kiwi, “LOVE ME!”

Photo above: 2015 Adult Kiwi “Dont go to work mommy, come back to bed for more cuddles!” 

Photo above: 2014 Adult Kiwi ❤ smiles for days!

Photo above: 201o Puppy Kiwi first bone 

Photo above: This was Kiwis 3rd birthday picture. Shes shaking my hand and sitting pretty so I could snag a picture! 

Photo above: Winter of 2010 Kiwi and I were on the road from tulsa to wichita to visit my family for a weekend.

Photo above: 2015 Kiwi, shes wanting to go outside ‘bye-bye’ with me. That smile though! 

If you have any questions about my baby girl Kiwi, please feel free to comment! 

Don’t forget to follow my blog for more updates on my furrbabies! 


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