15 Self Awareness Strategies 

15 Self Awareness Strategies:

  1. Quit treating your feelings as good or bad 
  2. Observe the ripple effect from your emotions 
  3. Lean into your discomfort 
  4. Feel your emotions physically 
  5. Know who and what pushes your buttons 
  6. Watch yourself like a hawk
  7. Keep a journal about your emotions 
  8. Dont be fooled by a bad mood 
  9. Dont be fooled by a good mood, either
  10. Stop and ask yourself why you do the things you do
  11. Visit your values 
  12. Check yourself
  13. Spot your emotions in books, movies, and music
  14. Seek feedback 
  15. Get to know yourself under stress

(Page 63 Emotional Intelligence 2.o by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves)

Emotional Intelligence is so important for our society’s chance for growth in becoming a united human race instead of the continued separation and supporters of violence throughout all cultures. 


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