Pride Ruins Relationships

Makeup & More by Kristen Kimsey

As much as we HATE to admit it, we are all wrong sometimes. The trouble comes when we are too stubborn to acknowledge it. I believe the number one thing, aside from lack of communication, that destroys relationships is PRIDE. Now this can be relationships with parents, friends, a significant other, ect. The most important thing to remember is you have to lose some battles to win the war. Sometimes arguing or defending yourself when you know you are wrong or being selfish ISN’T worth it. Say you’re sorry and move on. I mean, what do you benefit by fighting a losing battle where you both get hurt in the end? You don’t. These special relationships should be ones you are the most vulnerable in; if that means admitting your shortcomings, that should be a sacrifice you are willing to make. Don’t let pride take away someone special to…

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