Rant 11.3.16 Friendship

​Let’s talk about friendship, what is a friend supposed to do? What is a friend not supposed to do? After you’ve been friends for a decade, does that mean its ok to  change how friends treat each other?
I’m in a state if shock. Wondering what exactly has been said about me, by this “friend” I thought we’d be best friends forever, ha! There’s no such thing anymore. It seems to be an on-going trend that everyone makes themselves the victims in my life and place the blame on me. Should I just accept the fact that apparently everything is my fault? 
For example, ‘friend’ is blaming me for her being in debt. That she is just now getting out of the hole I put her in. Seriously? Because I recall and have receipts from giving her several hundred dollars to help pay ‘tax’ on her house, which was agreed upon when I moved in. I also had to pay to have the gas, internet, and electric turned BACK on because she never opened her mail containing the billing statements. I cleaned up after her and her boy-toy and dogs every day, while they sat on their asses watching netflix, for a year! Literally they did nothing, for a YEAR, but sit on their fat asses watching fucking netflix. 
Yet Its MY fault that she’s in debt? She needs to Shut the fuck up and take responsibility for her own actions, (or no action in this case) and Stop putting the blame for her financial problems on me. I have enough ‘blame’ to deal with from my own family, and she knows that.
I hope she felt better now that she got her whole bitch fit, childish tantrum all out in the open. A good steady 15minutes of yelling at me for her problems and how I’ve changed. You want to know WHY I changed? Its because I got tired of cleaning up after her, her ex-meth/crack addicted fucktard boy-toy, and dogs! But according to her, I’m the one to blame for her debt, dirty house, dog piss and shit on the floor (left there by her for days) piled up dishes and laundry (left by her for weeks). Yeah, I changed, I was done cleaning and taking care of their fucking asses while having a full time job, taking college classes, preparing to move across the country, and dealing with my chaotic mess of a family. All while she sat watching the goddamn TV!

Sigh… OK Rant over, for now. 

​Answer these questions :

1. What is a friend supposed to do? 

2. What is a friend not supposed to do?

3. After you’ve been friends for a decade, does that mean its ok to change how friends treat each other?

4. Does anyone have a story to share about an ex-friend? 

I’d love to hear from you! Comment below or feel free to email me if you dont want it posted publicly.

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Looking forward to hearing from you all! Hope you have a wonderful night!

Victoria Putnam


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