30 day Challenge Ideas?

Ive come across several interesting ’30 day challenges’ and I havent decided if I want to try and do one or not. I did a 30day squat challenge in 2015. Each day on my lunch breaks I did the required number of squats, freshened up, marked that day on my challenge log as complete then return to work. I remember being sore and hungry. I did even have a nice round booty for a while! Didnt last long though. When the 30day challenge was complete I stopped my squat routine and lost all my hard earned booty. 

I admit I havent done a proper workout in over 8 months, maybe even longer. I cant remember my last actual ‘workout.’ I came across a ’30 day Get Bendy Challenge’ which could be a good start in training myself back into strong shape! 

This time I plan to continue with the ‘bendy techniques’ long after the 30day challenge is up. As well as start the squat challenge again. I definiety want to find a comfortable number of squats to do a day and keep that 30day challenge booty! 

Now I am asking all of you;

What kinds of 30day challenges have you done?

Did you continue with the challenge as a habit afterwards?

I’d love some ideas from you about more challenges I could possibly start in the New Year. Tell me your 30day challenge story! 

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