Are you a poet?

I started writing songs and poems when I was younger and I believe Ive improved over the years. I have kept all my poems/songs to myself in a private notebook throughout the years. My current thoughts have been about branching out and sharing my poems and songs with the world.

I recently started writing poetry again and have some questions for the poets or songwriters of the blogging community. 
Are you a poet, songwriter or both? 

Were you nervious to share your open and private work on the Internet? 

Do you suggest getting the copyright ownership before posting online?

Is there any advice you would like to share from personal experiences you’ve had regarding publicly publishing your work?

I would appreciate any help, feedback, and support. Im looking forward to reading your thoughts! 


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Photo taken by Victoria Putnam. 


6 thoughts on “Are you a poet?

  1. imipresents says:

    Hello! I’m a poet, song writer and writer and I’d love to discuss the issue with you! I’ve just recently done guest post collaboration with a young woman, where we swapped poetry and pictures and posted on each other’s blogs. I was quite nervous but it went really well!! ☺☺


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