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Hello everyone, I am Victoria and my Blog includes a mix of learning experiences, personal adventures, coaching and my favorite pieces of wisdom I’ve acquired during my early 20s. I’m still considered a newbie blogger, as you can tell, my website is currently much smaller than the more experienced bloggers. However in time i am confident that my site will expand into deeper topics and connection.

For starters though; I am going to review some products I love and recommend to family and my personal friends! These reviews will include multiple categories of my favorites quotes, people, places, food and more! My Niche List is further down this post.

Cuteness Alert! There will be several references to my 3 furrbabies throughout my blog, not to mention TONS of photos of my 3 babies!

These three puppy dogs are my furrbabies!

From left to right; Feefee, Miko, and Kiwi.

My Niche List:

  • Dogs & Animals
  • Midwest Lifestyle
  • East Coast Lifestyle
  • Personal Adventures & Stories
  • Positive Psychology
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Coaching & Advice
  • Health & Relationships
  • Traveling
  • Art, Music & Photography 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Business and Online Sales

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BY THE WAY: Here is the most recent photo of me as of January 2017 


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