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My name is Victoria and I welcome you to the story of my life. During my seemingly long 24 years, there has been an oddly large/remarkably high amount of occasions and situations occur along my path, which are, in my opinion, to be book worthy. You dont know this yet but let me start you in the adventures of my life…For now, lets put a pin in that (pin1).

Before we head out on this journey I want to give you some more infomation about myself and why I decided to create this blog. I feel as though I am very close to hitting rock bottom…. I would like to avoid the sudden empact of physical and emotional pain which occurs when one hits ‘rock bottom.’ I started doing a lot of research about possible solutions to my problems and during my search came across a blogging community. There, were several bloggers discussing topics about anything and everything.  It was really amazing to read the personal stories of other bloggers and feel that connection from afar. I thought about creating a blog in the past but never did get around to it… Looking back now, I wish I had, there’d probably be hundreds of my bizarre adventures available for the entertainment of readers, bloggers, and you!

I’d love to be part of a community with others who struggle, stress, and use their sweat and blood to work for what we want. I am comfortable enough to say Im far from perfect which is exactly where I think we all belong. I want to learn from more experienced bloggers as well as the strong men and women who fight for what they believe in.

Ive recently started reading more about world history, actually lets put a pin here too, lets not get side tracked (pin2).

I am currently living in North Charleston South Carolina where I drive for Uber while looking for the right medical or management position to come along. I have a kind heart and strong passion to help people. In my family/friend circle, I am the one that will drop everything to help, because I’m reliable and if someone really needs me, they can count on me to stand beside them through their struggles. 

As many of you know, life has taught us lessons in ways we wish it hadn’t. One of my goals is to help other individuals get through their hard times and difficult situations. I hope to give insight on life lessons Ive learned, help give support to those who feel as if they have no one, and be a coach to the younger generation on the importance of living a full life, taking risks, and finding love, happiness, health, and wealth.

I welcome anyone to comment, or send an email regarding a situation and/or personal experience, you’d like to discuss with me.

I look forward to getting to know more people and help any way I can. Dont be shy or stubborn, ask for help if you need it. I am here for you!

*throughout this blog I will put ‘pins’ in area I will circle back around to discuss, check back to see if a pin you like has been posted!

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Are you a poet?

I started writing songs and poems when I was younger and I believe Ive improved over the years. I have kept all my poems/songs to myself in a private notebook throughout the years. My current thoughts have been about branching out and sharing my poems and songs with the world.

I recently started writing poetry again and have some questions for the poets or songwriters of the blogging community. 
Are you a poet, songwriter or both? 

Were you nervious to share your open and private work on the Internet? 

Do you suggest getting the copyright ownership before posting online?

Is there any advice you would like to share from personal experiences you’ve had regarding publicly publishing your work?

I would appreciate any help, feedback, and support. Im looking forward to reading your thoughts! 


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Photo taken by Victoria Putnam. 

Buddy’s Thoughts

Four-Legged Shadows

I wrote this short piece while waiting for a friend of mine to pick me up. Buddy was inside barking at me. He hates when he’s left behind. Anyway, I wrote this from Buddy’s point of view.

I don’t want you leaving without me.

I cannot protect you if we’re apart.

What if something happens to you?

I know how much you rely on me;

On my strength.

I know how much it hurts for you to leave me.

I know how happy you are when you return.

I can feel it in your touch.

I can smell it on your skin.

The outside world scares you.

Let me go with you.

No one will hurt you with me around.

You and I are one.

Never leave me because I will never leave you…

Unless I see a squirrel then all bets are off.

Until next time, keep the squirrels…

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 30 day Challenge Ideas?

Ive come across several interesting ’30 day challenges’ and I havent decided if I want to try and do one or not. I did a 30day squat challenge in 2015. Each day on my lunch breaks I did the required number of squats, freshened up, marked that day on my challenge log as complete then return to work. I remember being sore and hungry. I did even have a nice round booty for a while! Didnt last long though. When the 30day challenge was complete I stopped my squat routine and lost all my hard earned booty. 

I admit I havent done a proper workout in over 8 months, maybe even longer. I cant remember my last actual ‘workout.’ I came across a ’30 day Get Bendy Challenge’ which could be a good start in training myself back into strong shape! 

This time I plan to continue with the ‘bendy techniques’ long after the 30day challenge is up. As well as start the squat challenge again. I definiety want to find a comfortable number of squats to do a day and keep that 30day challenge booty! 

Now I am asking all of you;

What kinds of 30day challenges have you done?

Did you continue with the challenge as a habit afterwards?

I’d love some ideas from you about more challenges I could possibly start in the New Year. Tell me your 30day challenge story! 

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I got a Hug from a Stranger Today 

​I got a hug from a stranger today.

A group of boys were trying to raise money for their basketball team, they were selling ‘roses’ made out of palm tree leaves. When I told them I didnt have any cash on me, one of the boys asked “well how about a hug?” -me “a hug?” -boy says, with a smile, “yes a hug” I was hesitant at first, but said “sure.” 

At that moment when we wrapped our arms around eachother, he hugged me like a friend would. Thats when I realized how badly I actually needed a hug, even from a stranger. 

I will remember that moment for the rest of my life, so innocent and sweet. 

For Her, #November Notes Day 7

Sascha Darlington's Microcosm Explored

#November Notes Day 7, Song: Yellow by Coldplay

For Her

He spied her on the beach

during lavender sunrise.

Her hair streamed gold

the tail of a kite in the wind.

When she smiled, the sun

anchored its glow around her

she dazzled and sparkled

her laughter twinkled, real.

He’d change everything for her

sing anthems for her—

if she ever looked his way


S. Darlington

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